Building signage – 5 tips for Property Developers

Posted by on Oct 20, 2014


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Tip 1: Aim for brand consistency

At G4 Graphics, we believe that the project brand should be consistent from the marketing campaign right through to the built product.

“My name is CONSISTENCY, I am related to SUCCESS. We should hang out more often than…
every once in a while.”

 -Kim Garst

Creating a successful project identity or brand requires more than just fantastic architectural finishes and features.

We all see many contemporary and elegant project identities in the real estate pages each week. Have you considered how the marketing brand will be applied to the building? Is the style of the logo or logotype suitable for signage applications? Can it be adapted to provide a three dimensional form which has impact and enduring appeal?

G4 Graphics is happy to provide advice at the marketing stage of the project. We understand and appreciate the building aesthetics and functional aspects as well. By preparing an outline of the future graphics locations we’re able to offer an assessment on the suitability of the marketing branding to the built form.

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Preliminary architects drawings

Tip 2: The early bird gets the worm …..!

If you’re looking for a retort, you’d say “but …the second mouse gets the cheese.” We’re not fond of mice, so let’s go with the bird.

When the architectural drawings are at Town Planning stage, it’s a great time to start preparing the building graphics package.

G4 Graphics starts with the architect’s CAD drawings to provide scaled, detailed, dimensioned and illustrated design solutions.

There are two advantages here: Firstly, the building documentation can be adapted to allow for structural and electrical requirements to support the signage. The second advantage is that external signage documentation can be submitted for a Town Planning Permit with plenty of time to spare. (Yes, signage does need permits!).

G4 Graphics has experience in preparing Town Planning documentation for signage and can submit the application on your behalf.

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Signage Documentation

Tip 3: Building signage is not an optional accessory

A building graphics package is akin to jewellery- often it’s regarded as an accessory and it’s added at the end to provide the finishing touches.

Well that’s true enough, but the danger here is that the budget is often tight towards the conclusion of a project, and the signage applications suffer. You may not achieve the polished diamond you’d hoped for.

If you have the graphic package in hand early, you’ll also have the manufacturer’s quotes in good time to allocate an appropriate budget. G4 Graphics can assist with obtaining competitive tenders, evaluating the tenders received, and then ensuring that the package meets your budget. You’ll save time and money and achieve a superior result.

Identity and Wayfinding signage

Identity and Wayfinding signage


Tip 4: There’s too much Helvetica in the world already!

Choosing a suitable typeface for signage requires a solid understanding of typography. Typefaces are usually selected on the basis of legibility, and relevance to the architectural aesthetic. Helvetica (or its poor cousin Arial) is a popular choice- its san serif form means that it’s highly legible in architectural spaces, and it denotes a modernist aesthetic. But perhaps you don’t want to be just like the Joneses next door. G4 Graphics provides a number of options for typography in the first stage of the design process. We’ll subject you to a short history of typeface design if you like.

We’ll definitely find a font that’s just right for you, one which matches your project’s personality and isn’t too high maintenance either.

In fact we’ll often select several typefaces, once for special occasions (like your front door) and another for everyday use.

Qi Master

Visual Identity Guidelines


Tip 5: Don’t let your building users end up in the closet

In our industry, we refer to directional signage as ‘Wayfinding’. In fact, it’s now called ‘Wayshowing’, a term which makes much more sense.

So let us show you the way.

Our understanding of architecture and planning informs our knowledge of how people navigate buildings. We design complete signage systems which assist building users in their journey from the carpark or front door right through to their destination.

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