Your business is our business

At G4 Graphics we believe that great design is generated when we truly understand your business, your vision, your site and your customers. So we’ll spend some time getting to know you first.

Prior to embarking on the design process, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation of our clients’ existing use of design and identify where the gaps are. We help our clients set goals and then determine what should be done to achieve those goals and how to get the best return on design investment.

Our next step is to prepare a customised design process to suit your needs. This is a detailed outline of each design task and associated costs to ensure there’re no surprises and that everyone has a clear understanding of the progression of the project.

In order to provide a complete solution,  we’re also able to pull together a range of professionals when required – from engineers to writers and web specialists.

We work with other designers too

In addition to working directly with clients, we partner with architects and interior designers on residential apartments and national retail projects. What we bring to these projects is an understanding of design aesthetics and an ability to work seamlessly with project CAD files to provide a highly coordinated approach. Working collaboratively on large projects ensures that we’re right up to date with the branding and customer communication requirements of major corporations and retail brands.


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