Signage design- some interesting facts and figures

Posted by on Dec 7, 2014

For a while now, we’ve been saying that when we work with architects and interior designers to provide signage design, we add value by … SAVING OUR CLIENT TIME AND MONEY! In this article, we’ll compare the outcome of engaging G4 Graphics with the results a developer is likely to obtain by approaching a quality signage manufacturer directly.  We like to think that our process provides a superior signage design result, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

So back to the Time and the Money…

When we had a closer look at the outcomes of the signage design program for the serviced apartment building, Vue, in Geelong,  we were able to extract a few facts and figures which we believe would apply to many projects of this type.

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Vue- serviced apartments in Geelong

We saved our client time:

We started work on this project well before the first sod of earth was turned. We visited the site to establish the sightlines, traffic conditions and constraints. Mark Gratwick Architects provided a comprehensive briefing and supplied their AutoCAD drawings of the project at the Town Planning stage. We extracted the information we needed, and prepared scaled and coloured illustrations of concepts for all signage components. Starting this early means that the external signage design can be submitted for a town planning permit at the same time as the building design. No need to wait another 2 months or so for a separate planning approval for signage. In addition, the signage design drawings are fed back into the architectural process so that the structural and electrical engineers can provide allowances for all items.

We saved our client money:

Yes, really. Even after our fees were accounted for.

The Vue apartments required a total of 19 sign types- external and internal signage all fully documented and scheduled. Our modest fees represented under 15% of the final signage expenditure. This figure is quite typical of the relationship between fees and the construction cost for many interior design or architectural projects.

When we looked at the difference between the highest tender and the selected tender, we found that this gap represented nearly 3 times our fee!

Developers who go straight to a signage manufacturing company for design and installation miss out on the potential for a competitive tender process.

The fabrication and installation process was also streamlined:

The signage industry varies from large national companies, to national franchises right through to small independent operators. G4 Graphics can select companies that are suited to the nature and scale of your project. We’ll check the quotes, then provide an analysis and recommendation. We prefer to be involved at each stage of the project to ensure a quality outcome.

We were thrilled to see the drawings for Vue apartments come to life. Each item was beautifully finished, and exactly as we’d specified. When I asked the manufacturer, Mick Harrold at Visual Exposure, to comment he replied:

” People often try to cut corners to save money, but sometimes the things that they cut out end up costing them more money in the long run. I think your services are one of those things. From our perspective, a job is always clearer and runs easier if someone like you is involved. If our job is easier, then that means the client pays less because I can accurately quote it, use the right materials and there’s fewer mistakes. At the end of the day, our job is more satisfying and the client saves time and money.”

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